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    FAQ Sheet

    Last updated: July 28, 2020


    Will the school district provide my child a mask and hand sanitizer? 

    Yes. The district will provide each child one (1) mask. Hand sanitizing stations will be placed in each classroom, office area, hallways, restrooms and common areas.


    Can my child wear a mask they bring from home?

    Yes. Guidelines will be provided to ensure the appropriate type of mask is worn.


    Will students go through a temperature check before entering the building?

    Yes. All persons entering through the designated locations will be temperature checked. Our Health, Wellness and Safety sub committee is working on a COVID-19 Form and Checklist to be distributed to families.


    Will students be given an option to remain on remote learning? 

    Yes. If a family does not feel comfortable having their child or children return, the district will provide a remote learning program. 


    I want my child to remain on a full remote learning program. What do I need to do to indicate my child's participation in this program? 

    The district will provide a form to be completed and returned by the family. Additional guidance will be provided in the next few days.


    Can students switch from hybrid in person to fully remote learning at any time?

    Yes. Transition information will be sent to you in the near future.


    Will extra-curricular activities continue? 

    Activities and Athletics will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and NJSIAA.


    Will my child be required to wear a mask when in school and on the school bus?

    Yes. All students will be required to wear a mask to comply with CDC guidelines due to the fact that social distancing can not be guaranteed throughout the day within our building. 

    Yes. All students and the bus driver will be required to wear face coverings and or masks.


    If a student in my child’s class or on my child’s bus tests positive for Covid-19, will my child be required to stay home for 14 days to quarantine?

    Yes, per the guidance provided by the Warren County Health Department.


    What is a “flipped classroom” and how is it beneficial to my child?

    The “flipped classroom” model is an educational approach designed to maximize the effectiveness of face-to-face interaction from the teachers. Instead of class time being used for lecture, the lecture is recorded and students have the ability to watch prior to class time. During the class time, the students are able to get direct support from their teachers or interact with the content while the teacher is able to provide direct guidance and resources. 


    Will there be live/interactive sessions for students to communicate with their teachers, in a remote environment?

    Yes. Specific protocols will be implemented to ensure live interaction for students and teachers.


    Will the curriculum change or be revised due to the pandemic?

    No. The curriculum will remain as is and until the state indicates revisions to the requirements placed on school districts.


    My child has an IEP or a 504 plan. Who should I contact to discuss class schedules, meetings and other aspects related to these legal documents?

    All inquiries should be directed to the assigned Case Manager and/or Guidance Counselor. Email is the preferred method to ensure timely and effective communication and response to your questions.


    Will siblings be able to attend school on the same day, based on the selected schedule for in-person instruction?

    Yes. We will make every effort to ensure siblings attend on the same days should we implement a Hybrid Schedule.


    Why are in-person days only 4 hours instead of full days?

    Due to the established CDC and County Department of Health social distancing guidelines, we would be required to implement multiple lunch periods which would negatively impact student schedules.


    Is there a plan to transition back to school full time if safe?

    Yes. We have plans for a full return to school, a hybrid model and a full remote learning environment.


    Are the HVAC and A/C systems able to provide a healthy environment?

    Yes. We will open doors and windows to enhance the air circulation in the classroom areas, as per CDC and Health Department guidance. The HVAC and A/C units are and will continue to be maintained on a set schedule to ensure a healthy air quality environment for all.


    Have student schedules for the 2020-21 school year been released?

    No. At this time, schedules will be held until a final model for reopening has been selected.


    Will students who choose remote learning still get a diploma or will they be getting a GED?

    Students choosing a remote learning environment will receive a Warren Hills diploma.


    What is the maximum number of students in each classroom for the HS & MS?

    For both buildings the number is 12-15 students per room.


    If I can possibly drive my child to school one day, but I can't other days, will my child be able to utilize the bus when needed?

    Yes. Bus assignments will be limited with the number of students to ensure appropriate capacity and seating.


    Will there be 7th & 9th grade orientation programs and has a date been selected?

    We will host orientation events. However, depending on guidance at the time of the event, each may be virtual. We will provide updated information in the near future.

    No dates have been selected at this time. 


    Will students be able to utilize school lockers?

    No. This will include physical education lockers as well.


    How will attendance be counted for my child if they are required to stay home due to a COVID-19 case?

    The superintendent will be discussing our current attendance policy with the Board of Education. 


    Will breakfast/lunches be provided? Can students eat in the classroom? Can students bring lunch from home?

    Yes, Maschio’s will provide breakfast (MS) and lunch (HS & MS) through a “Grab n Go” process. We are working with Maschio’s on an electronic for families to complete the night before and submit to ensure the breakfast and/or lunch will be available the next day. Students who are on our free and reduced lunch program will continue to receive breakfast (MS) and lunch in all of our educational models. Additional details to follow. 

    Students may eat the “Grab n Go” breakfast and or lunch in the classroom. 

    Students may bring snacks from home and our school nurse will work with the classroom teachers to make sure everyone is aware of food allergies.  

    Is the start of the school year adjusted at this point?

    Yes. The new date for students to report to school is Monday, August 31, 2020. The end of the school year remains the same, the last day of school is Friday, June 4, 2021, WHRMS Promotion on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 and WHRHS Graduation on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

    Why are we utilizing a later start time for the MS & HS schedules? - Added 7/28

    Typically on a shortened schedule we do not serve lunch or breakfast. Based on our experience in the spring and research, middle and high school students are more productive later in the morning. Being that we have limited time in our building, we wanted to make every effort to ensure that our time in person was productive. Additionally, we wanted to be able to set a realistic schedule that could easily transition to full remote if this happens in the fall. We are prepared to serve both grab and go breakfast and lunch to help students adjust to this schedule. We do understand this is a significant change, but we hope that it will lead to a better in-person experience.


    How will electives work? Added 7/28

    Elective courses will be integrated with the schedules and will meet the same as the other courses. If there are safety concerns with electives (band, course, etc) we adjustments may need to be made to these courses or we may not be able to accommodate certain electives in the schedule.