Visual Arts 1

  • Visual Arts 1

    Block A/1 - Russell - Google Classroom Code - 764lv2n


    Course Description
    Visual Art 1 is a beginner course. This class will explore different art mediums, different styles of art, periods of art, and will give you an overiew of many different types of artwork. I will be working on creating at home art kits for students to have access to while we are remote. There will be communication with info on when and where you can pick up your at home art kits soon. You are expected to take care of these supplies throughout the school year. I don't know how often I will be able to send supplies home to you. So take special care of what you do have. If you have access to your own supplies by all means use those when you need to do so. If you want advice on what to purchase for at home use please reach out to me via email or through Google Classroom.

    -  Artist's Sketchbook (Look for an 8.5x11 size book, this should have blank unlined pages. Sketchbooks can be found at any store that sells school or art supplies, as well as on amazon.)
    -  3-Ring Binder (to keep you organized, especially when we are back in the classroom)
    -  Pencils (when we are in class please plan to use your own pencils)
    - Chromebooks (fully charged with you ready to use every day)
    -  Creativity
    - Work Ethic

    Please see Genesis and Google Classroom for updated classwork and grade information. 


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