• Expectations for All Mr. Curran’s Students 2020 – 2021

    For Hybrid and Remote Learners

    Students must attend all required classes.

    Hybrid  Schedule:

    • All students must attend the scheduled instruction days (either in the classroom or as a student live streaming at home) depending on whether you are in Group A or B.
    • Fully remote students must be sure to attend both days remotely.
    • All students in both groups will take part in remote classes on Wednesday.

    Full Remote Schedule:

    • All students will attend two days of scheduled instruction remotely.
    • All students will take part in Wednesday classes remotely as well.

    The WHRSD code of conduct applies to all learners whether you are hybrid or remote.


    Participation is 20% of the grade so be sure to attend meetings and do work as assigned.

    (The remaining 80% will be everything else we do—assignments in or out of the class, quizzes and tests, any lab assignment etc.)

    Expectations for HYBRID Students:

    When physically in school:

    • Arrive at school on time
    • Be sure you are following the correct rotation group and attend the correct day.
    • Be prepared to have your temperature taken as you enter the building.
    • You must always wear a proper mask. It must be worn correctly.
    • Maintain proper social distancing.
    • There are hand sanitizing stations in each classroom ---please use them.
    • Charge your Chromebook each night and bring it with you to class. You will need it!
    • Follow all designated traffic patterns in hallways and stairwells while moving from one class to another.
    • No food is to be brought into a classroom.

    Expectations for remote learning (Livestream – Google Class Meetings) Make sure you are following your schedule correctly so that you can attend classes on the correct day.

    During the remote meeting:

    • Be sure to mute you mike unless you need to ask a question where allowable (use the “raise your hand button”), or if you are asked or prompted to respond.
    • Be on time.
    • You are encouraged to keep your camera on. (Dress appropriately as you would for school.)
    • Make sure to be in a quiet place.
    • Be respectful.
    • Stay focused. You are expected to maintain attention and respond to discussion prompts.
    • Work on assignments as requested by the teacher.
    • Eat only during your break---not during a meeting.

    NO RECORDING ANY REMOTE SESSIONS: This is a violation of student and staff privacy.  There will be disciplinary procedures taken.

    Assigned work:

    • All assigned work is expected to be completed and turned in as directed.
    • Late work may lose credit depending on how late it is turned in.
    • You will be given assignments posted on Google Classroom. Other platforms may be used, such as “GoFormative” website, or “AlbertIO” website, or “CK-12” etc. 
    • Upcoming assignments will also be discussed on Wednesdays during our shortened remote sessions.
    • You will have access to the Online Textbook. Assignments may be given using the textbook.
    • Do your own work. It is a great way for you to learn!

    Office Hours: My office hours are scheduled for 9 AM to 10 AM each day.  The school email is a great way to reach me (It worked very well last spring!)  I also check my email outside school hours. I am here to help you so please contact me when necessary.

    A Positive Attitude.

    It may be difficult at times, but if you try to stay positive about the situation. I know you may hear this quite a bit, but there is some truth to it. A good attitude can go far in your learning process.