What will you get  out of Club Zen?

    Proven Benefits of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga:  

    Relaxes & calms both body and mind 

    Reduces anxiety and stress 

    Improves focus and concentration 

    Helps you get better sleep 

    Boosts mood 

    Increases self-esteem 

    Increases self-confidence 

    Reinforces a positive mindset 

    Promotes inner strength 

    Promotes peace of mind 

    Supports overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being 

    Physical Benefits of Yoga  

    Improves flexibility 

    Improves balance 

    Builds muscle & core strength 

    Builds controlled muscle movement 

    Improves posture & spine movement 

    Boosts immunity & lung function


    Club Zen  Expectations  

    ∙Feel free to bring your own mat and 2 blocks. Don’t have one? We have extra in the Zen Zone or you can find them on Amazon or in most stores!

    Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and breathe in. 

    No Phone Zone… It’s important that when you show up, you show up  completely. Meaning: your attention and focus are on our class. Multi tasking doesn’t work here, so phones should be turned off. 

    We do not judge others or compare ourselves to others. We practice  kindness and compassion toward others and, perhaps even more  importantly, toward ourselves. 

    We all have a different level of experience and skill, but we all come to class  with a beginner’s mindset, and keep ourselves open to trying and learning  new things. 

    We don’t stress! We breathe, we have fun, we meditate, we yoga, we CHILL!

    How to Join!

    • Go to the Guidance Department Google Classroom or Guidance Department webpage to fill out the Club Zen interest form! The first meeting of Club Zen will be Tuesday, October 12th until 3:30. There will be a late bus for transportation if needed! 




    Are you interested in joining Club Zen?? Please fill out the form to participate! 



    Club Zen Interest Form