2022 NJPSA Student Scholarship Application

  • 2022 NJPSA Student Scholarship Application
    NJPSA is providing 25 student leadership scholarships of $2,000 each, which will be awarded to graduating seniors for their demonstrated leadership in community or school activities (other than athletics).


    Eligibility is limited to districts that received this application directly from NJPSA with graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated leadership for participation in community or school activities other than athletics.  

    Application Process

    Each HS principal is to email the applicant's one-page essay on the topic "My Leadership Role" along with an additional 4 required documents. Students' full names are printed on all documents.
    1. Application 
    2. Student Essay - One page   
    3. Student Resume – Summarized to fit on one page, indicating their contributions to their community/school while in a leadership position.   
    4. Principal Recommendation letter
    5. Activity Advisor Recommendation letter

    Website: N/A

    Due Date: February 25, 2022

    Application: Click for download 

    Submission: Please submit your application and required documents to your guidance counselor or case manager.