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Physical Education Medical Excuse Policy

Warren Hills Regional School District
Physical Education Department
Medical Excuse Policy

(Exemption verified by a written doctors note)

The purpose of this policy is to provide students a means of earning credit while they are medically excused. Medically excused students may still receive credit for their physical education class each marking period even if the student may not participate in physical activity.

Students who are out of physical education for four consecutive days or more, will bring a doctors note to the school nurse during their prescribed physical education period. The school nurse will direct all students to the study hall which is located in the cafeteria. The school nurse will also describe the process (which is also located at the bottom of each medical excuse form) that each student must follow to receive credit. All students must turn in one written health article for each day of class missed. Articles can be picked up in the library during lunch only. All completed articles must be turned in to the physical education teacher by the end of each week. Failure to submit an article within the one week period, will result in the loss of three points per article. In keeping with the physical education marking system, the ten item answer sheet will be graded as follows:

9-10 correct answers / zero points deducted
6-8 correct answers / 1 point deducted
4-6 correct answers / 2 points deducted
0-3 correct answers / 3 points deducted

Medical excuses that state until further notice are only valid for three weeks. Students who fail to update this excuse within the three week period will receive unexcused absences for the days missed in excess of the three week period. Ultimately, this could result in a student losing credit for the course.

Any student who will miss an entire semester or year due to their medical condition, are encouraged to take an additional semester or year course. This option should be discussed with your students guidance counselor so that the total number of credits required for graduation and athletic eligibility will not be compromised.

If you have any concerns or questions related to our medical excuse policy, please contact your students guidance counselor or department chairperson.

Revised 2006