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Board of Education Goals

Warren Hills Board of Education Board Goal for 2023-2024:

  1. Provide support to the administration, faculty and staff in the pursuit and achievement of the district goals.
  2. Support and recognize student achievements and success with student presentations at Board of Education Meetings. 

Warren Hills Regional School District Goals for 2023-2024:

District Goal 1:
Provide faculty & staff with resources, best practices and strategies and tiered systems of support through vertical articulation for grades 6&7 and 8&9. Analyses of common in-district assessments and standardized testing data will focus on increasing student achievement in Math and ELA on the New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment (NJGPA).

District Goal 2:
To implement best practices and strategies to enhance the Culture and Climate of district school buildings in collaboration with local and state agencies, including but not limited to, in-house professional development programs, the District Mental Health Team (DMHT), SCAIP initiative, the Nurtured Heart Approach, the DREAMS Program and Restorative Justice techniques.

District Goal 3:
To implement strategies and tools to enhance and protect district technology data, information, and applications from emerging technology issues such as cybersecurity and the appropriate use of artificial intelligence in schools.