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The Warren Hills Regional School District is located in Washington, Warren County, New Jersey.  It is our goal to provide a challenging and supportive educational environment in which to prepare all of our students for a future of diverse opportunities and responsibilities.

District Administration



Mr. Earl C. Clymer III 
Superintendent of Schools

908.689.3143 ext.1045


Ms. Donnamarie Palmiere
Business Administrator

908.689.3143 ext.1002

Mr. Michael Jones
Director of Athletics & Student Activities

908.689.3050 ext.3030 

Ms. Christine Hough
Director of School Counseling

908.689.3050 ext.1003

Ms. Amanda Brown
Supervisor of Fine Arts, Physical Education and Health & World Languages

908.689.3143 ext.1008

Mr. Keith Dennison
Supervisor of English and Social Studies 

908.689.3143 ext.1007

Ms. Heather Apple
Supervisor of Mathematics & Science

908.689.3143 ext.1006

Ms. Mary Louise Rowlin
Supervisor of Special Education

908.689.3050 ext. 1004

High School Administration



Mr. Chris Kavcak

908.689.3050 ext.3001

Mrs. Susan Rader
Assistant Principal

908.689.3050 ext.3050

Mr. Glenn Barker
Assistant Principal

908.689.3050 ext.3050

Middle School Administration



Mr. Nicholas Remondelli                                                                                   

908.689.0750 ext. 2047

Mr. Robert Cacchio
Assistant Principal

908.689.0750 ext. 2045

District Staff



Mr. Dennis H. Mack                                                       
Director of Human Resources
Affirmative Action Officer
HIB Coordinator 

908.689.3143 ext. 1009

Mr. Timothy Jaw
Technology Coordinator 

908.689.3050 ext. 3008

Mr. Michael Mason
Director of Plants & Facilities

908.689.3143 ext. 1054

Mr. David Guth
School Security Program Director

908.689.3050 ext. 3073