• Kevin Horn
    HS Language Arts Department

    908-689-3050, ext. 3613

    Light Man

    This year (2020-2021), I am once again teaching Honors English II and Honors English IV. I can't wait to get to know all of you through reading your writing and discussing the books you're devouring. In addition, I am also lucky enough to continue to teach the Communications and Media elective, which deals with media literacy and pop culture (yep--that's the cool stuff like TV and movies and Instagram and music!). If you've never taken it, you should.
    If you have anxiety about this coming year, join the club. I do too, but I assure you that you and I will figure all of this out. These are strange times, but I am excited that you are my student and that we get to work together!
    Virtual Office Hours (subject to change):
    Monday-Friday: 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM
    To access my virtual office hours Google Classroom, click here and enter class code e4je3df. Then click on the Google Meet icon.
    Boring Stuff About Me: 
    I have a Masters in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from Moravian College, am working on my supervisor's licensure at Centenary University, and am also very proud to be a Fellow of the National Writing Project, which I completed at Penn State Lehigh Valley.
    I have my own blog in which I interview and photograph the people of Easton, PA. Check it out by clicking here.
    At home, I have a wonderful wife of 26 years, two amazingly handsome boys (ages 21 and 18), a cat who thinks she is a dog, and a dog who does not think at all. I do not own a goldfish.
    When I'm not teaching, I'm hanging out with my family, taking pictures, playing guitar, listening to The Grateful Dead, Wilco, Phish and/or the Beatles, reading books by Kurt Vonnegut, cooking, sleeping, and eating.
    Click on the following links to access my Google Classrooms. Please log in to access these:
    Block C: Honors English IV, Class Code: hkhc7f7 
    Block D: Honors English IV, Class Code: kguxhnc
    Block E: Honors English IV, Class Code: cgtsjfj
    Block F: Honors English II, Class Code: u2lobdm
    Block G: Honors English II, Class Code: bireswd
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