Mrs. Kim Eilenberger

    H.S. Health & Physical Education Department

    12th Grade Health 
    10th Grade Physical Education
    9-12th Grades Basic Self-Defense & Beyond Education

    Contact Information
    Office Hours 9am-10am 
    The best way to contact me is through email to set up an appointment.
     * All assignments, notes, syllabi, etc. are posted on Google Classroom.
    All grades are posted on Genesis. 
    (Fall 2020  Semester I)  
    "Health & Physical Education Google Classroom Join Codes" below:
    Block B (PE 10) Google Classroom Code: cvq23vt 
    Block C (Health 12) Google Classroom Code: xxv5foq  ("o" is a letter)
    Block D (PE 10) Google Classroom Code: 46fdmph  
    Block E (Helath 12) Google Classroom Coded4jc2uv 
    (Block F) R.A.D. Basic Self-Defense Google Classroom Codesip7euw 
    (Block H) PE 10 Google Classroom Codemgurhew 
    *** (all lowercase letters)***