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    The Warren Hills Choral Program Philosophy:

    The Warren Hills choir class curriculum is dedicated to using outstanding choral repertoire to introduce quality vocal music techniques, aural perception skills and aesthetic awareness to students.  The class structure provides a real-world rehearsal setting that is designed to attain the highest possible level of musicianship and artistic performance.   Through exposure to outstanding choral repertoire, students will strive for and experience the elements of  “Choral Sound” and a true Choral ensemble experience.


    Choir Class Daily Expectations: 

    1.      Students are expected to practice the skills and techniques of healthy quality vocal production on a daily basis. 

    2.     Students are expected to utilize appropriate rehearsal behavior and follow instructed classroom procedures. 

    3.     Students are expected to perform in two evening concerts* during the school year as part of the classroom grading assessment. 


    4.    Students are expected to wear appropriate concert attire to evening concerts.  A Choral ensemble strives to appear as a unit and the evening concert is a formal and dignified event.  Therefore, a successful required dress code* is listed below. 


     *Concert Attire:  Strive for elegance……….  

     vShoes, dark socks, black long sleeve button-down shirt, dark or black socks.

    v Shoes, black or dark skirt/dress (school appropriate length), black top(no tank tops, spaghetti straps)sleeveless ok.


    Choir Class Grading Procedures: 

    1.       Assessments will be designed and performed throughout the year on the following: 

    Progress on learned vocal skills and technique

    Knowledge of taught concert repertoire including notes, rhythms, and interpretations.

    Knowledge and progress on taught music reading and aural perception skills. 

    Concert attendance and behavior (2nd and 4th marking periods only) 

    Quality and effort of participation in classroom and rehearsal activities 


    2.  Assessments will take one of the following forms:  

    Written test 

    Teacher observations

     Performance Voice tests 

    Rubrics and study guides provided as needed. 

    Choir Classroom procedures: 

    Students should….. 

    1.      Arrive on time for class 

    2.     Dispose of gum, food or drink (water allowed) upon entering the room 

    3.     View or listen to directions for the start of class 

    4.    Make requests for the lav and drink PRIOR to the start of rehearsal 

    5.     Inform the teacher regarding class participation issues PRIOR to rehearsal. 

    6.     Immediately get a folder or necessary materials to begin class and Go immediately to assigned seat or placement for daily class activities 

    7.     Participate with energy and effort in all activities 

    8.     Maintain and clean up learning materials as directed 


    Choir Classroom behaviors:  

    Students should….. 

    1.      Raise their hand to speak  

    2.     Act maturely… Choral singing is a serious art! 

    3.     Treat others in the class with dignity, kindness and encouragement.  

    4.    When the singing or the piano stops listen first!!!!!!! Then raise a hand to speak. 

    5.     Respect the rehearsal process by maintaining a focused learning environment. 

    6.     Commit to learning and improving by setting and achieving personal goals. 

    7.     Keep an open mind and a positive attitude about the process and the product. 

    8.     Allow the beauty of true artistic expression to become a part of their lives.


     Other Activities associated with the Warren Hills Choral program…

      Throughout the school year, extra-curricular and non-mandatory activities associated with choral singing are offered to students involved in the program. 

    Select Choir/Rock and Pop Chorus-Auditions  

    Region Chorus auditions-Applications due in November/Auditions in January 

    All-State auditions-Applications due in February/Auditions in April

    Community performances-Tree lightings and Carols at Shop Rite etc.…

     School performances-Pep Rallies and Award ceremonies


    Joint Choral concerts with other high schools 

    Sing and Swing jazz and Pop concert 

    Prism Concert (sponsored by the band) 

    T-Shirts and Spirit wear 


    Other events TBA