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    What do I teach? 
    9th Grade World History & Introduction to Social Sciences   
    **If you are absent, please see me as soon as possible to make up any missed work!   
    Google Classroom Codes:
    Block B: 3lz4wkn  (2nd Semester)
    Block C: q5xdcnw (2nd Semester)
    Block D:  fqv737b
    Block E:  t2bb2ss
    Block G:  ixjb67n
    Block H:  m77ztn2
    When will I be holding virtual office hours? 
    Every day from 9am - 10 am, I will be holding virtual office hours.  I'd like to set office hours based on a timeline that will work for all of you.  If morning hours don't work for everyone, I'll also offer afternoon or evening hours.  
    Click here to access the google meet link for office hours!  You may also click on the 'office hours' link in Google Classroom.
    How can you reach me?   
    Email mcgeehanm@warrenhills.org or call (908) 689-3050 x 3687.  Set up an appointment if you have any questions, concerns or need extra help!
     **Note: Extensions go directly to voicemail so please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible!  Thanks!
    Where can I find classroom information?  
    Each class has a Google Classroom set up where you can find class notes, study guides and some assignments.
    Where can you find me in school?  Room 120