•  Michael Quinto
    HS Special Education Department
    908-689-3050, ext. 2553
    OFFICE HOURS 8:45 am - 9:45 am
    2020 - 2021 
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    Mr. Quinto is in his 21st year teaching at Warren Hills. Previously Mr. Quinto taught at the Devereux Deerhaven School, a private residential facility. He earned his BS degree in Physical Education and Health and Driver Education from Bridgewater College in Virginia. Mr. Quinto also earned his Teacher Of The Handicapped from Centenary College. Mr. Quinto is highly qualified in the following academic areas: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, History, Physical Education, Health, and Driver Education. 

    In 1998, Mr. Quinto was awarded the National Leadership Award by the Devereux Foundation. He was also recognized in 2005 by the Warren Hills Middle School as the Teacher Of The Year. In that same year, Mr. Quinto was recognized by The Warren Reporter as the Baseball Coach of The Year and was also awarded The Coach of The Year by the Warren Hills Athletic Department. In 2008, Mr. Quinto was once again recognized by the Warren Hills Athletic Department as the Coach of The Year. In 2015, Mr. Quinto was awarded the North II Soccer Coach of the Year by the Soccer Coaches Association of New Jersey. In 2019 Mr. Quinto returned as the Boy's Head Soccer Coach and will continue in this position for 2020.