Welcome to Warren Hills High School Health Office                                                                                                                                                       
    Mrs. Bonita Duryea, RN                                                  
    908-689-3050 extension 3021                                                                                     
    email: duryeab@warrenhills.org
    Mrs. Kristyn Sbriscia, RN
    908-689-3050 extension 3021
    email: sbrisciak@warrenhills.org
    Mrs. Linda Katstra, RN
    908-689-3050 extension 3049
    email: katstral@warrenhills.org

    OUR FAX # IS: 908-835-8511

    Mission Statement:  Healthy children are successful learners!  Your School Nurses strive to advance the well being, academic success and life long achievement of each student in our school.  We address the physical, emotional and social health of our students and collaborate with family, physicians, counselors and school personnel to promote each students optimum health and well being.