Mrs. Laura Muroski
    MS Science Department
    908-689-0750, ext. 2538

    Welcome to Mrs. Muroski's 8th Grade Integrated Science Class. Throughout the year we will learn about Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences.
    REMINDER: Please be aware that each assignment (homework and classwork) has a due date. Late assignments will only be accepted for a given amount of day(s). To ensure full credit, complete and turn in assignments on-time. To ensure some credit, complete and turn in assignments before the final due date arrives. If students do NOT complete the assignment, he/she will be referred to the Academic Support Room durning lunch. If a student does NOT show (after 3 passes were issued) the student will be written up to the vice-principal and assigned an after school detention to complete the work. Thank you!
    "Office Hours"
    Morning Hours (Room 207)
    Monday - Friday 7:15 - 7:35
    Afternoon Hours (Room 207)
    Monday - Mrs. Muroski and Mrs. Smith (2:20 - 2:40)  * No Late Bus

    Tuesday - Mrs. Muroski and Mrs. Smith   (2:20 - 3:00)
    Wednesday - Mrs. Muroski and Mrs. Smith (2:20 - 2:40)   * No Late Bus

    Thursday - Mrs. Muroski & Mrs. Smith  (2:20 - 2:40)

    ***Arrangements can be made beyond these times.  Please see us in advance.