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    MS Social Studies Department
    Civics Google Class Codes for 2020-2021
    Period A - xqterea
    Period C - aqyyksl
    Period H - esrahap
    Period I - cpcikxh
    Office Hour Code - dss4xoi
    Enrichment/Intervention Period Code - 4n2tdus


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     Welcome to our class. We have many facts to learn about this year.
    For example, our federal government is not a democracy instead it is a federal republic.
    Most people do not know this, but you do now. Now the question is what is a federal republic, patience you will learn.
    What should you expect to learn in our class.
    1. What it means to be a good citizen
    2. How our country started
    3. How our government works
    4. How our economy works
    5. Current events
    Looking forward to a great year!