• Nancy Terhune
    MS Language Arts  Department
    (908) 689-0750 ext. 2524
    Welcome to 7th Grade English Language Arts

    Seventh grade Language Arts Literacy includes an exciting curriculum for students to enjoy and explore.
    With the double block, we are able to fluently merge reading and writing which allows us the
    opportunity to continue a lesson focusing on both areas.  Some of our content areas include:                                                                                              
    • 6+1 Trait Writing including grammar and structured writing                                                                 
    • A.C.T.I.V.E. Reading                                            
    • The Civil Rights Movement                
    • Research
    • Journalism
    • Poetry
    • Independent Reading/Novels
    • Short Story Selections
    • Prose Constructed Response
    • Non-Fiction with textual support
    • Free Writes and J.O.M.s (Just One More - Do Now)
    Study guides and assignments for download are linked on this website as are homework assignments
    and due dates.  Check our Class Calendar as well. Grades are posted on Genesis.