• Rosemary Carnali
    MS Business Technology Department
    908-689-0750, ext. 2529
    Computer Applications
          Computer Applications is an elective course open to both seventh and eighth-graders.  In this half-year course of study, students will learn to touch type while adopting good keyboarding techniques.  Touch typing is a valuable skill to have as students progress through their school years and beyond.  We also cover the basics of MicroSoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), as well as iWorks (Pages, Numbers, Keynote).  Knowledge of these programs will prove useful in completing assignments in other classes, in high school courses, and in the workplace. 

          Computer Applications students should purchase a folder (or use a section of their binder) for class and get in the habit of bringing it to class each day.  Students will store all study guides and worksheets in the folder so they will be readily available for studying in advance of tests and quizzes.

          Students should also bring a pen or pencil and agenda book to class everyday.  They should write all assignments in their agenda books and check Infinite Campus for more information. 

    Computer Applications