Mrs. Gabriela Harris
    Department of Mathematics
    Warren Hills Regional High School
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                  Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

                          Course Descriptions 

    301 Algebra I 

    This course is designed to meet the New Jersey Graduation Requirement that all students must take a full year of Algebra. This course aligns with the Common Core State Standards and topics to be studied include Number Operations; Properties; Linear Equations and Inequalities; Powers and Exponents; Quadratic Equations; Polynomials; Proportions; Rational Expressions. Emphasis will be placed on problem solving strategies and mathematical practices. 

    303 CP Algebra I 

    CP Algebra I involves the study of the real number system and its properties. It bridges the gap between the concrete ideas of arithmetic and the abstract ideas of higher mathematics. CP Algebra I includes study of equations and inequalities, operations with real numbers, algebraic expressions, functions and relations, quadratic equations, and irrational expressions. Problem solving and mathematical practices will be incorporated throughout the course, which aligns with the Common Core State Standards. Graphing calculators will be used. 


    305 CP Algebra II 

     This course is frequently required for college entrance and is essential for further work in mathematics and science. CP Algebra II is the study of the real and complex number systems. It is an extension of CP Algebra I consisting of more advanced and more abstract material. It expands the student’s understanding of the power of mathematics providing sophisticated mathematical models for studying and solving difficult problems.




    All course materials and assignments will be available to students through their Google accounts in Classroom. 

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