Mrs. Gabriela Harris
    Department of Mathematics
    Warren Hills Regional High School
    E-mail: harrisg@warrenhills.org 
    Phone: (908) 689-3050 ext. 3537 

     Classroom Policies & Practices 
    1. You have the right to have your time in class be valuable and productive.
    Come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn. You should be in your
    seat working on the warm up when the bell rings.
    2. Do your best to turn your work in on time, complete, and with all work
    shown. Credit will not be given for assignments lacking work.
    3. You have the right to learn in a safe environment. Be courteous and
    respectful to yourself, your peers and faculty. Be a kind person.
    4. You have the right to learn without disruptions and distractions. Stay in
    your seat at all times, raise your hand when you have something to say,
    and listen to your peers when they are speaking. With the exception of
    water, students should not eat or drink anything in class. This minimizes
    distractions during class.
    5. Do not leave the classroom without permission and getting your agenda
    book signed. It is your hall pass and should be taken out of the room with
    6. Cell phones, headphones, and other personal devices are not permitted
    during instructional time. They should be kept off your desk and away.
    You will be notified when cell phone use is permitted.
    7. All school policies outlined in the handbook are expected to be followed.



    All course materials and assignments will be available to students through their Google accounts in Classroom
    Parents, all grading and assignments are listed through Parent Portal Genesis

                                                       Extra Help
    Always ask for extra help immediately and do not want until you fall behind. In order to set up an appointment for extra help, please speak to me before or after class, or contact me via e-mail. 
    I look forward to getting to know all of you this year. Thanks for visiting!