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    Señora L. Jeannie Zamora
    Department of World Language 
    Warren Hills Regional Middle School
    Phone: 908-689-0750
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    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español y a mi página! Welcome to Spanish class and to my page!
    Here are a few things you need to know. 
    *****Here are the links to each of my classes. Please make sure you use the correct class code for your class.
    Period 2 - Spanish 1 class code: e7lsje3

    Period 3 - Spanish Exploratory -Semester 1 - class code: 3xkj5vh

    Period 4 -  Spanish 1 class code: bw4lpsj
    Period 8 - Spanish Exploratory -Semester 1 - class code: 6ys3zdw

    Period 9 - Spanish 1 class code: g4jxswi
    Please check Google Classroom daily for assignments: homework, classwork, Haga Ahoras (Do Nows) Test/Quizzes dates and Announcements.
    In Google Classroom the banner has a link for the Google Meet.  Once you are logged into Google Classroom you can join the Google Meet by pressing that link during your classtime.   
    Please bookmark your Google Classroom page on your Chromebook. 
    Exploratory Spanish Course Descriptions:
    This two semester course will familiarize the students to the basics of Spanish. Students will have the opportunity to explore both the spoken and written language, as well as study various aspects of culture, such as greetings, geography, calendar and music. Emphasis will be placed on interpersonal interaction and basic language words and phrases. 
    Spanish 1 Course Description:
    Spanish 1 course is a full year class and is designed to teach students how to use Spanish for every day real life conversations. Students will have an opportunity to explore both the spoken and written language, as well as study various aspects of culture. Students will study greetings, geography, family, music, school, recreation, foods and grammar as well as explore the various cultural celebrations common to Spanish Speaking Countries. Thematic units will be presented with basic language words and phrases. Teachers will use an interactive approach whenever possible.
    Textbook Resources & Links:
    •  Exploratory Spanish 
    •   Students can visit the webpage https://spanishspanish.com for practice.  
    • Spanish 1 student will be using the textbook ¡Avancemos!  
      Students can connect with the interactive textbook, companion web site and downloadable audio files by visiting https://my.hrw.com. Passwords will be distributed soon. For further help and review of vocabulary and grammar go to the links. 
    The best way to reach me is by e-mail at zamoral@warrenhills.org.  Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.  
    Thank you for visiting.  ¡¡Hasta luego y nos vemos pronto!!