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    Mrs. Meredith Borrelli 
    Special Education and Reading Teacher
    Phone: 908-689-0750 Ext. 2547
    E-mail Borrellim@warrenhills.org
    Department of Special Services
    Warren Hills Regional Middle School

    Language Arts Literacy (LD 7th grade):  This course is designed to help all students to become effective, strategic readers who read and write enthusiastically and purposefully.  Students are taught a wide variety of methods and strategies that will help them to approach reading with confidence.  This self-contained Language Arts program is designed to parallel the general education curriculum.  However,  with an emphasis on re-mediating deficient skills in the areas of writing and reading comprehension.  Project Read "Framing your Thoughts" is a multi-sensory program utilized in this course to help students become more effective writers.

    7th Grade Language Arts Class-
    We have been busy getting into the routine of school, learning and having fun! In a week or so we will be kicking off our Scary Story unit. My students ask year after year to repeat the unit, of course with a new twist to keep the activities engaging.   With each short story, article, or chapters of books we engross ourselves with new vocabulary!  Be on the look out for vocabulary words and quizzes!  I encourage everyone to use the newly introduced words at home! In class we will be utilizing Active Reading Strategies and demonstrating our knowledge through hands-on activities, discussion (literature circles) and open-ended writing pieces.  In addition to reading strategies we are learning to "Frame our Thoughts" and expand written assignments :-)
    Parents: Ask your children about our classroom procedures and excitement: Readers Chair, rocks, goodie draw, vocab fun through visuals, move-a-chip, ball toss, writing music......on and on!!! AND...check agenda books! 
    We are off to a great year, can't wait for the learning and fun to continue! 
    7th Grade Reading and Writing Lab:  Reading and Writing Lab is a class that will address specific skills in the area of Language Arts.  The skills will be addressed on an individual basis depending on the needs of each individual student.  Specific reading and writing skills (comprehension, decoding, fluency, and expanding written expression) will be taught through a multi-sensory approach.  Reading and Writing lab will provide students strategies and skills that will help them to become more confident in the area of reading and writing.