Sra Fahy  
    Mrs. Teresa Fahy
    Department of  World Languages
    Warren Hills Regional High School
    Phone: Ext: 3526
    E-mail: fahyt@warrenhills.org
    Room 106

    Course Descriptions:  See program of studies for course descriptions.
    Fundamentals of Spanish
    Spanish One
    Spanish Three
    Textbook Resources
    Avancemos online Textbook  (my.hrw.com).  Your Logon ID is your Warren Hills email address and your password is your student ID number minus any letters.We will spend some time in class getting to know the online textbook.  If you wish to have a hard copy of the textbook to keep at home, let me know and one will be issued to you.
    Assignments/Class Materials
    Many assignments will be handed out in class but a digital copy will be available for most assignments in the respective Google Classrooms.  
    How to get extra help:
     I am available during scheduled office hours (2:20-2:25 daily, or other times by appointment.  Please join my office hours class to get help via the Google Meet link (must make an appointment that is mutually convenient).
    Looking forward to a great year!   Please always let me know any difficulties you may be having so that we can find solutions together. 
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