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    Course Descriptions:

    Conceptual Chemistry is a lab/inquiry-based college prep chemistry course intended to provide students with an overview of most of the major concepts in chemistry.  While covering a broad range of topics, the course explores content in a less mathematical fashion.  Conceptual chemistry is a practical approach to the subject that includes many hands-on opportunities for students to experience chemistry in a real-world context.

    Technical chemistry is a comprehensive course that explores most of the major concepts in chemistry.  This course approaches the subject in a more quantitative fashion than the conceptual course.  Technical chemistry will focus on the development of computational and problem-solving skills.

    Honors chemistry is an accelerated program that will investigate the fundamentals of chemistry on a deeper level.  This course includes additional laboratory experiences and requires more sophisticated mathematical operations.

    Textbook Resources & Links

    Material Requirements

    Text: “Chemistry” Sarquis, Holt McDougal (Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt),  2012

    Each student will need a notebook and a folder to place hand-outs and returned assignments.  A three-ring binder with loose-leaf paper and pocket folder is recommended.  Honors and technical chemistry students must have a scientific calculator  

    See the links to the left for class notes, handouts, and assignments.
    How to get extra help:
    I am available after school by appointment.  Students may request an appointment during class, or may contact me via our school email.  Please let me know if you plan on coming.  Material is cumulative, so please seek extra help before you become too far behind.   
    About Mrs. Beers
    I am pleased to join the staff here at Warren Hills high school and eagerly anticipate working with our students.  I hold a Bachelor's degree in chemistry from Bucknell University and worked for several years as a research chemist with Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals.  I have taught chemistry at both Hillsborough and Notre Dame high schools and am confident that this will be a productive year for your child.
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