• We the People


    Mrs. Ross


     High School Special Education Department

    Contact Information:

    (908) 689-3050 X-2549





    Block A

    US History II

    Classroom Code - prjmpra


      Block B

    CP US History II with Mr. Fisher

    Google Classroom code - c765vqh 


    Block D

    CP US History I with Mr. Fisher

    Google Classroom code - jugekq2


     Block E

    US History I

    Google Classroom Code - 7ekadkh


    Block G

     CP US History II with Mr. Fisher

    Google Classroom Code – pplpnxw


    Office Hours

    Monday – Friday 8:45 am – 9:45 am

    Google Classroom Code - cqfiwyu



    Please check Genesis for grades.

    Please check Google Classroom for assignments. See above for appropriate class.

     Feel free to contact me through email or you may leave a phone message.