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    Warren Hills Blue Streaks  
    Athletic Office Staff 
    Position Name Email Phone
    Director of Athletics & Student Activities Michael Jones jonesm@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    Athletic Trainer Kevin Call callk@warrenhills.org ext. 3062
    Secretary to Director of Athletics & Student Activities Christina Page pagec@warrenhills.org ext. 3047
    Secretary of Athletics and Student Activities Jordan Lackey lackeyj@warrenhills.org ext. 3016
    Assistant to the Athletic Director Stan Kubbishun kubbishuns@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    District News & Information Coordinator Christina Page pagec@warrenhills.org ext. 3047
    Head Coaching Staff
    Season Sport Coach Name Coach Email Coach Phone
    Fall Boys Soccer ext. 3030
    Fall Cheerleading ext. 3030
    Fall Cross Country ext. 3030
    Fall Field Hockey ext. 3030
    Fall Football ext. 3030
    Fall Girls Soccer ext. 3030
    Fall Girls Tennis ext. 3030
    Fall Girls Volleyball ext. 3030
    Fall Strength & Conditioning Trainer
    Spring Baseball Joseph Blackford blackfordj@warrenhills.org 908-689-3050 ext 3030
    Spring Boys Lacrosse Patrick Kablis kablisp@warrenhills.org 908-689-3050 ext. 3030
    Spring Boys Tennis Julia Henning henningj@warrenhills.org 908-689-3050 ext. 3030
    Spring Boys Track Michael Howey howeym@warrenhills.org 908-689-3050 ext. 3030
    Spring Girls' Lacrosse Megan Bublitz bublitzm@warrenhills.org 908-689-3050 ext 3030
    Spring Girls Track Ken Kurpat kurpatk@warrenhills.org 908-689-3050 ext. 3030
    Spring Golf Todd Solecitto solecittot@warrenhills.org 908-689-3050 ext. 3030
    Spring Softball Jodi Longo longoj@warrenhills.org 908-689-3050 ext. 3030
    Spring Strength & Conditioning Trainer TBA
    Summer 2018 Strength & Conditioning Trainer TBA
    Winter Boys Basketball Stanley Kubbishun kubbishuns@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    Winter Boys Bowling David Garcia garciad@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    Winter Boys Swimming David Rader raderd@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    WINTER Cheerleading Elizabeth Horvath horvathe@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    Winter Girls Basketball Megan McGeehan mcgeehanm@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    Winter Girls Bowling TBA
    Winter Girls Swimming Elise Tooker tookere@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    Winter Strength & Conditioning Patrick Kablis kablisp@warrenhills.org
    Winter Winter Track Kenneth Kurpat kurpatk@warrenhills.org ext. 3030
    Winter Wrestling David Sbriscia sbrisciad@warrenhills.org ext. 3030