• Warren Hills Athletic Training

    Kevin Call, MS, ATC

    The athletic trainer and his staff are available for prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries to the student athlete population of Warren Hills Regional High School and Middle School.

    Mission Statement

    The Warren Hills Regional Athletic Training Department will continue to provide professional healthcare to the physically active students and staff of the Warren Hills Regional School District.  The diverse and ethically charged individuals belonging to our team will continue to learn and grow with the dynamic field of sports medicine and exercise science.  We will stand for the importance of each individual, promote their desire to compete and enhance their desire to improve.

    Contact Information:
    Athletic Trainer

    Kevin Call

    908-689-3050, ext. 3062
    908-797-2066 (cell)
    908-689-3416 (fax)

    Team Physician
    Dr. Nicholas Avallone
    908-859-8884 (office)
    Team Orthopaedic
    St. Lukes Orthopaedic Specialists