• 2020-2021 Athletic Registration


    2020-2021 Athletic Registration through the Genesis Parent Portal will be available on July 10, along with two health forms; Covid-19 Questionnaire and NEW Health History Update. 

    Pre-season conditioning workouts will begin July 20th. Details will be available on July 10th.  Contact the Athletic Director at 908.689.3050 ext.3047 or jonesm@warrenhills.org with any questions. 

    All student athletes must submit the Pre-Participation Physical Exam form required once a year; to be completed by physican and signed by student and parent.  Any "YES" answers on page 1, health history, require further information in the space provided.

    SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS any student athlete with a pre-existing medical condition (i.e. asthma, diabetes, cardiac condition or auto-immune disease MUST obtain a Covid-19 clearance letter from a physician.

    Please email the forms to pagec@warrenhills.org or fax to 908-689-4900.