• New Jersey Student Learning Assessments at Warren Hills
    Our district hopes that you will find this website useful as you and your children prepare for the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA). We update these pages in a timely manner in order to provide the important information you need in order to achieve success on these assessments.  Please use the menus on the left to navigate this site.
    General Information about New Jersey State Assessments 
    New Jersey is in the process of transitioning away from the PARCC Assessments to the NJSLAs. Please visit the New Jersey State Department of Education's (NJDOE) Assessment Site for detailed information published by the NJDOE. As the Governor, Commissioner of Education, State Board of Education, and Legislature publish new information we will update this space.
    Testing Dates for NJSLAs at Warren Hills 
    Tentative testing dates for our schools are as follows:

    NJSLA English Language Arts and Mathematics:
    • Middle School: Friday, April 26 through Friday, May 3. Make-ups will be on a rolling basis during the afternoons.

    • High School: Monday, May 20 through Thursday, May 24. Make-ups will be on a rolling basis during the afternoons.

    NJSLA Science:

    • Middle School: Monday, May 6 through Wednesday, May 8. Make-ups will be on a rolling basis during the afternoons.

    • High School: Tuesday, May 28 through Friday, May 31. Make-ups will be on a rolling basis during the afternoons.

    Please refer to the special March 2019 Superintendent's Update and the special Grade 11 Testing Superintendent's Update for more information on which students will be taking the NJSLAs in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.
    District Office Contacts
    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
    Supervisor of Special Education
    Curriculum and Technology Contacts
    Supervisor of Fine Arts, and Physical Education and Health, and World Languages
    Supervisor of English and Social Studies

    Supervisor of Mathematics and Science
    Technology Coordinator