• Mrs. Patricia Smith


    (908) 689-3050 x 3637


    Welcome to the AgriScience Department and the FFA!


    *All syllabi, assignments, notes, etc are posted on Google Classroom

    All Grades are posted on Genesis


    Virtual Office Hours 9-10:00 am M-F (use FFA code and meet)


    Google Classroom Codes:

    FFA and Virtual Office Hours :  m6tqpm6

    Block A (Introduction to Agriculture, Foods, and NAtural Resources) hd3hjnn

    Block B( Principles of Agriculture Sciences- Animal) bzcdgat

    Block D( Principles of Agriculture Sciences - Plant) jjeyelz

    Block E (Principles of Agriculture Science - Animal) ivgzaea

    Block F (Floral Design) - Semester 2 - bibrfv6

    Block G (Principles of Agriculture Science - Animal) vvs7jy5