• Dear Students, Parent(s) & Guardian(s),


    I hope this email finds you well.


    We are quickly approaching the end of the 2019-2020 school year. With this in mind, please be aware of the following end of year items.


    Collection of school issued textbooks and equipment:

    Please return any and all material issued to you by the district. This list includes, but is not limited to, textbooks, novels, band equipment, athletic equipment, art supplies, film equipment etc.  Mr. Remondelli and Mr. Kavcak will provide additional information regarding dates, times and logistics for the collection of school issued items. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!



    Students in grades 7-11 will keep their Chromebooks over the summer. Information regarding recommended care of the devices will be forthcoming. A link for end of year information will be created and available on the District, Middle School & High School webpages.


    Last week of school:

    As a reminder, our last week of school is June 1st - June 5th and all days are half days. Below is the bell schedule for the Half Days beginning Monday June 1st - Friday June 5th. 

    1. School day will run from 10:00AM - 2:00PM
    2. Blocks will rotate morning and afternoon, Monday - Thursday - 1 hour each
    3. All blocks may meet on Friday for 30 minutes
    4. Daily schedule below:
      1. Monday June 1 - Blocks A - D
      2. Tuesday June 2 - Blocks E - H
      3. Wednesday June 3 - Blocks A - D
      4. Thursday June 4 - Blocks E - H
      5. Friday June 5 - Blocks A - H (30 minutes each)
    5. Your teachers may meet with you via Google Hangout or Zoom at your scheduled class time or they may continue to provide your assignment on Monday & Tuesday and be available during the week.