Updated September 15 , 2020

    Daily Covid 19 Prescreen Link

      1. Online Genesis Athletic Registration will begin July 10th and must be completed using the parent/guardian Genesis account. Contact the technology department at technology@warrenhills.org  if you are unable to register.

      2. Medical Clearance At this time there are four requirements for physical clearance to participate in workouts.

        1. NJ Dept. of Education Pre-Participation Physical Exam form must be submitted to the Athletic Office. This form must be completed by the physician within the last 365 days from the start of your child participating.  A seven day grace period is provided for a new physical should it expire at any time during the season.  Any “YES” questions on the health history page of the exam must be fully explained and a vision screen is required on the exam form or a clearance letter must be provided from an eye doctor.

        2. NJSIAA COVID-19 Questionnaire form required each season.
        3. NJ Dept. of Education NEW Updated Health History form required each season.

        4. Covid-19 Pre-existing Condition Form MUST BE COMPLETED BY A PHYSICIAN (MD or DO), clearing athletes with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, cardiac concerns, epilepsy, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, etc.


    These forms are available through these links and on the Genesis Online Registration form for you to print out and email to pagec@warrenhills.org and conaboym@warrenhills.org. or fax to 908-689-4900.   If you answer any questions YES, you will have to explain and will be required to see a doctor for clearance.  Please note that the medical forms will be reviewed by the school physician for final clearance.

    Clearance may take 1-3 days from the time all forms are submitted.  Check your child's STUDENT DATA in Genesis for clearance.