242Lauren M. Voight

    Choral Director
    MS Fine Arts Department

    The Warren Hills Choral Program Philosophy:
    The Warren Hills choir class curriculum is dedicated to using outstanding choral repertoire to introduce quality vocal music techniques, aural perception skills, aesthetic awareness, and exposure to multi-cultural musical styles and genres to students.  The class structure provides a real-world rehearsal setting that is designed to attain the highest possible level of musicianship and artistic performance including achieving the “Choral Sound” and learning the interpersonal skills needed to work with others in a Choral ensemble.

     Greetings!  Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  Please find below the classes I will be teaching this year and the Google Classroom codes for each of the classes.  Below that information, you will find more details about the policies and procedures of all of the classes.  Thank you.

    Office Hours For all Classrooms will be Monday-Friday 8:45-9:45  Please send me a message on google hangouts(found on your Gmail page) and we can open a meet if needed.

    Class Information-Chorus 

    Google Classroom Code: faoo4cz


    Chorus Class weekly learning template 9/8-9/15

    Chorus Class Learning template #2 9/16-9/22

    Chorus Class learning template #3 9/23-9/29

    Chorus Class Learning template #4 9/30-10/6

    Chorus Class Learning Template #5 10/7-10/14

    Chorus Class learning template #6 10/14-10/21

    Chorus Class Learning template #7 10/22-10/27

    Chorus Class Learning Template #8 10/28-11/3

    Chorus Class Learning Template #9 11/11-11/18

    Chorus Class Learning Template #10 11/18-11/25

    Chorus Class Learning Template #11 11/25-12/2

    At this time we are practicing inside and have adapted our learning activities to utilize the best practices recommended by the National Federation of State High School Associations(NFHS) and the ARTS ED NJ September Ready Fall Guidance for Performing Arts Education.  We are safely allowed to sing for 30 minutes in one room with masks on and utilizing social distancing measures.  After 30 minutes we would leave and allow for a 30 minute time period where there would be a safe amount of air exchange carried out by our ventilation system. 

    Using a grant from the CARES act our district will be providing specialized singers masks to all of the vocal music students. These masks have a special structure that will allow students' voices to resonate and to inhale without the mask collapsing into the student's mouth.  Special thank you to Fine Arts Supervisor Mrs. Amanda Brown and the District office for working out the details.


    I am posting links to the websites for the organizations whose research I am referencing and the results of their research below.  There will be no live concert performances until further notice.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.

    Keeping Arts Ed Safe At School, Mask evrything,Distance 6 feet,Timing outdoor and indoor 30 minutes with 6 feet spacing, prop

    Chorus Class Grading Procedures: 

    1.  Assessments will be designed and performed throughout the year on the following: 

    • Progress and consistent application of learned vocal skills and techniques
    • Knowledge of taught repertoire including notes, rhythms, and interpretations
    • Knowledge and progress on taught music reading and aural perception skills 
    • Quality and effort of participation in group and individual learning activities 
    • Application, proper use of and quality reflection and critique skills   

    2.   Choir Class Assessment tools:

    • Written test(s) on google documents/slides
    • Teacher observations and engagements on google meets
    • Performance Voice products on video, audio platforms
    • Multiple-choice assessments on google forms
    • Written reflections/critiques on google documents
    • Music theory/sightreading drill exercises with screenshot results
    • Interactive video Q and A