• Mrs. O'Melia


    Warren Hills High School Mathematics Teacher


  • I hope to see you at B2SN tonight. If you can't make it, please reach out via email with any questions. 

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    • Each student is part of a my Google Classroom and should be present there daily. They can view announcements & assignments and communicate with me there.
    • Please check the parent portal regularly to view your child's grades. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Genesis Parent Portal


Go Streaks!
  • Supplies

    Each student will need the following items:

    1. Spiral Notebook (designated for MATH CLASS ONLY)
    2. Folder or Binder, (You will be responsible for keeping the handouts ORGANIZED)
    3. Several Pencils (If using mechanical, remember to purchase extra lead)
    4. Colored Pen (No highlighter! Pick a fun color you would enjoy.)
    5. Calculator, PHONES will not be allowed. Graphing calculators TI – 83 or TI-84 Plus

    ~It is very important to be organized in this course. We will want to see you using the same spiral notebook every day in class. We suggest choosing a color for MATH ONLY and getting a folder, spiral and pen in that color.