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    Welcome to the 2020/21 school year.   It is going to be different than anyone before, but together we can make it a good one.   If you are in my class this year, please use the Google Classroom codes below.
    Period A – APCSA - sovo33n

    Period C – Honors Advanced Topics - hb44qwe

    Period E – APCSA - zx6g2yf

    Period G – APCSA - ier7whs

    Period H – Intro to CS  - vrb2r2


    CS@WH 2012/20 Video by Jessica Howley




    CodingWithKids 2019 

    120 enthusiastic 3rd - 6th graders with 40 amazing high school mentors

     2020 STEM Alumni
     10th Annual STEM Alumni Showcase 
    51 alumni from 2007 to 2019



    My goal is to help all students understand the material in my classes well enough so that they are able to apply it to various situations outside of the classroom. More importantly, I want to help the students enjoy learning and prepare for life beyond their time at Warren Hills. The students must take an active role in their education in order to achieve this success. I encourage parents and students to contact me if there is a way that I can help the students be more successful.
                                                                Mr. D
    Educating students for the jobs of the past is a recipe for both economic and social disaster. Computer Science teaches computational thinking, which is needed in nearly all fields today. By providing our students Computer Science education at the elementary and high school levels, we help open the doors of opportunity in many rewarding careers.
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