• chemistry
    Mrs. Diane DeVivo
    Department of Science
    Warren Hills Regional High School
    E-mail: devivod@warrenhills.org
    Office hours:  8:30-9:30 am or by appointment
    Google Classroom Code for Office Hours:  fnkjrbh
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    Course Descriptions:

    414 Conceptual Chemistry (5 credits)
    Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation.
    Conceptual Chemistry is a lab/inquiry-based college prep chemistry course for students not planning to pursue careers in the technical areas of science, engineering, medicine or mathematics. It covers most of the areas studied in the Technical Chemistry course described below, but in a less mathematical fashion. Conceptual Chemistry is a lab/inquiry-based course but is not an extended time course.
    This course may not be recognized as NCAA approved. 

     415 CP Chemistry T [Technical]  (6 Credits)
    CP Chemistry T [Technical] is a lab/inquiry-based college prep chemistry course. Through discussion and activities, students will explore the following topics: matter and change, measurements, atoms and subatomic particles, the periodic table, chemical bonding, formulas and compounds, chemical equations and reactions, stoichiometry, and acids and bases. CP Chemistry T [Technical] is an extended time course to accommodate the lab requirements.