• New Students / Transfers from Another School 

    Welcome to the Warren Hills Regional School District.  
    Please refer to the directions below for new student registration and student transfers.
    We look forward to working with you!

    To register or re-enroll a student

    1. Live in one of our sending districts: Franklin Township, Mansfield Township, Oxford Township, Washington Borough, Washington Township.
    2. Complete our registration forms
    3. Gather these documents:
      • Transfer card (original or copy) from transferring school
      • Original birth certificate (a copy will be made in our Guidance Office)
      • Copy of Immunization Record
      • Transcript and last report card/grades to date of leaving previous school
      • Explanation of the grading system from previous school
      • Current schedule from previous school
      • Standardized test results
      • Proof of residence in the Warren Hills Regional School District (i.e. mortgage statement, rental lease, tax bill, landline phone bill, sewer bill, water bill, garbage bill).  Must include your physical address.
      • Copy of custody arrangements (if applicable)
      • Child Study Team/Special Services records (IEP) (if applicable)
      • 504 accommodations (if applicable)
    4. Make a registration appointment (appointments are required) by calling the Guidance Office at (908) 689-3050 ext. 3054.
      • Note: Guidance and/or our Child Study Team may need time to review academic records. Appointments will be scheduled to ensure we have time to review prior to our meeting.


    Preparing for your registration appointment:

    1. Review our Program of Studies on our District website under “Academics.”
    2. At least one parent or legal guardian must accompany the student to the appointment.
    3. Parents/Guardians must sign-in at the Security Desk with a driver’s license.
    4. Arrive at school 10 minutes early, to allow time for parking, Security, and walking to the Guidance Office.  Due to the high-volume of counselor appointments, registrants who arrive in the Guidance Office after their appointment time may need to be rescheduled.


    Student Withdrawal / Transfers to Another School


    1. Parent/guardian contact the Guidance Office at (908) 689-3050 ext. 3054 prior to the last day of attendance.
    2. Provide Guidance Office the name and address of the new school and the new home address of the student.
    3. A parent/guardian signature is required.
    4. On the last day of attendance, the student must report to the Guidance Office to obtain a sign-out sheet.
    5. After all books are returned to teachers, teacher signatures obtained, and obligations met, the student will be issued a transfer card, current grades, immunization records, and standardized test scores.
      • Official school records will be forwarded to the new school upon written request by the receiving school.