• Cool CS Stuff

    If you are looking to learn some more on your own, this is the page for you.
    GREAT CS video at code.org.     
    Also check out the quotesstats, and resources.
    Learning to program
    Beginner's Resources to Learn Programming Languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby)
        - Thanks Zelda
    Binary Game
     Fun game to learn binary
    Roseta Code
    This site translates code into many different languages.  Good way to see how different languages work.
    Hacking competition
     picoCTF is a computer security competition for high school students.
    Finch Robot
    We have a dozen finch robots that we use with GirlsCodingWithGirls.  They can be used to learn nearly 2 dozen different languages.
     Finch website - finchrobot.com
    Here is a link to some more advanced topics with Finch at Berkley  
    App and Game Development
    App Inventor was created at MIT.  It is a free on-line application for writing apps for android devices.  It used to be associated with Google but they have cut their funding.


     XNA game development for the Xbox, PC and Windows phones

    Gamemaker is used to make games for Mac, Windows or Androids.

    Video game challenge competition - StemChallenge

    Google Cardboard - make your own Virtual Reality simulator using cardboard and a android cellphone 
    RosetaCode - translates code into over 500 different languages 
    CodeAcademy is a site that teaches how to code in a variety of languages:  JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, Python
    Tutorials from Georgia Tech for Android programming, Alice, Scratch, LightBot, etc
    Exploring Computer Science (ECS)  has links to numerous introductory programming languages and supplemental links
    The Bits and Bytes newsletter is created by the National Science Foundation to make computer science more accessible.

    CSTA is the Computer Science Teachers Association with lots of useful information and links

    • Here is a link to the videos of presentations from the CSTA conference I attended in Washington DC.  They include an introduction to app inventor, women in CS, Ten Commands for the Digital Age, and many more.  GREAT conference.
    How to turn a java applet into a screen saver.

    Developer.com is a great site to learn a little about a variety of topics including Java, Mobile Devices, .net and daily news.
    Learn about coding topics while coding in the browser
    Cyber Corps Challenge - www.cybercenters.org  
    Coding for kids - lifehacker 



    Computational Thinking
    Reading, Writing and Arithmetic aren't enough in today's society.  One of the most important skills that students must learn today is called Computational Thinking,  A simple definition would be : knowing how to use technology to solve problems.  For a more complete understanding, see the Center for Computational Thinking  created at Carnegie Melon.  Much of my philosophy on the importance of Computer Science for all high school students comes from Computational Thinking discussions.  To be competitive in the digital age, our students will need to graduate with stronger Computational Thinking Skills.