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Athletic Competition Guidelines

Dear Warren Hills Community,


I hope this letter finds everyone well.  The athletic department is looking forward to a great school year and Fall athletic season and is thankful for the many hard working stakeholders at Warren Hills that have made this season possible.  We are blessed to have such hard working athletic trainers, nurses, athletic office staff, and administration that have made this possible for our students and student athletes.  I am thankful for the great partnership and communication with all involved.  The result of our healthy summer conditioning programs, coaches who maintained strict safety standards, and student athletes who followed our district protocols is the reason we are in the position we are in at this moment today.  Awesome job everyone!


Warren Hills is excited to officially kick off the 2020 fall season.  Competition with opposing schools begins in the next few days, please visit our website game schedules on the “HS athletics page”.  All schedules are very fluid, and our coaching staff will provide updated information as the season progresses.  


As a reminder, all spectators at the stadium will have their temperature checked before entering the facility for game contests.  Our students, coaches, and student athletes have temperature checks done everyday and this procedure will continue for our community members that choose to come to sporting events.  Spectators are required to wear masks, social distance, respect and follow the policies as stated on the signage posted.  Touchless sanitizing stations will be available and the bathrooms will be open with a two person limit at a time.  


For Home Games (Non-Football): Tickets will not be required for these events.  As per Governor Murphy’s Executive Order, all athletic facilities will be limited to 500 spectators.  This capacity will be adjusted if this Executive Order is modified.  Spectators must adhere to social distancing and wear masks at all times.  All spectators must have their temperature checked by a site manager at the main gate entrance before entering the facility.  SPECTATORS ARE TO WAIT OUTSIDE THE FACILITY GATE.  THE SITE MANAGER WILL DO A TEMPERATURE CHECK 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE GAME.  EXAMPLE: IF A GAME STARTS AT 4PM WE WILL LET PEOPLE IN AT 3:50 TO GET SEATED. 


For Home Games (Football): Tickets:  The district will provide each Varsity football player, band member, and Varsity cheer team member the opportunity to purchase two (2) tickets from their director/coach prior to Friday’s contest.  Freshman football players will be able to dress with the team and be on the sideline with the Varsity team and will not be required to purchase a ticket.  All Sub Varsity cheerleaders will receive one (1) complimentary ticket for themselves to cheer on their peers from the stands. Tickets cost $3.00 and sales will start on Monday of the week of the Friday night contest; Monday-Friday from 2:45pm to 3:15pm at the Cafeteria entrance. Tickets will be sold to Senior High School students first and if tickets are still available on Friday/game day, we will sell to the underclassmen. Tickets will NOT be sold at the gate before the contest.  Please show your ticket to the security guard and proceed for your temperature check.  If your temperature is at 100.4 or above we will ask you to wait for ten minutes in a designated area to be pre-screened again.   Parking for football games will be in both parking lots across the street from the school. SPECTATORS ARE TO WAIT OUTSIDE THE FACILITY GATES - The Ticket Taker and Security  WILL LET ALL SPECTATORS IN AT 6:15PM BEFORE THE GAME.  


We understand that there will be fewer spectators attending the game at this time.  It is imperative that we maintain a safe environment and adhere to social distancing.  All Football games will be live streamed on the Warren Hills Twitter feed @WHRSDAthletics.


For Away Games (Non-Football):  The away team will provide any information for their venue and contest the week before and this information will be communicated in advance to the Warren Hills parents of that sport program.  


For Away Games (Football):  The away team will designate a number of tickets available for advance purchase by family members of Varsity football players and Varsity Cheerleaders.  The home team will determine the purchasing procedures.  Warren Hills Athletic Department will communicate with the parents the week of each game.  The conference is prohibiting marching bands from traveling to away games.  


Lastly, there will not be any concession stands or selling of food/merchandise at any of our contests.  Sealed bottled water will be permitted; all other food/drink will not be allowed. 


Thank you again to everyone for making this season possible for our students and student athletes.  The community and programs are vital to our students and these athletes this year more than ever.  They benefit so much from this opportunity and it is very important that we follow all procedures to continue our contests for our student athletes.  Please remember the importance of maintaining social distancing-both at school events and in the community-and of restricting your child’s exposure to large groups.  As I have discussed with all of the students,  the school guidelines/procedures will be nothing if students let down their guard on weekends and after school.  


Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s coach, Athletic Director, or Principal with any questions or concerns. 



Mr. Michael Jones

Director of Athletics and Student Activities