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Summer 2020 English Enrichment

Dear Warren Hills students, parents, and guardians:

The Warren Hills Regional School District encourages all students to become lifelong readers. To this end each summer we have provided a reading assignment for all of our students to complete for the first day of the new school year. As a result of our Remote Teaching and Learning experience we have decided to reflect upon and adjust our traditional English summer reading assignment. NOTE: Therefore, there is no required summer reading assignment.

Given the changing nature of teaching, and the challenges that we have faced this past spring, we want to encourage students to read through the summer for the enjoyment that it can provide. Students can learn about topics and personalities that are of interest to them, or they can pick up a novel and escape to another place, time, and world. Or, they could explore authors and genres that they may not be able to during the school year. We have curated a list of resources that students can consult to help them find a book (or books)  to enjoy over the summer and put them on our brand new Summer English Enrichment Experience page which is linked here (

There is no written assignment to turn in when we return to school, and there are no grades assigned for this experience. We hope that the platform we are providing makes it easy for students to find and enjoy books that will excite and delight them. If you have any questions please reach out to department supervisor Keith Dennison at


Dawn Moore
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Keith Dennison
Supervisor of English and Social Studies