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IPM Notice 3/27/23

Notification of the Use of Pesticides

(This notice should be received at least 72 hours prior to pesticide use)


Date Issued:   March 27, 2023                      


To: Parents/guardians of students, and staff of Warren Hills Regional School District


From: The School IPM Coordinator:    Michael Mason                               Phone Number: 908-339-5429           


This notice is to advise you that the following pesticides will be used at Warren Hills High School:


Pesticide Common Name


Pesticide Trade Name

Altosid XR extended residual briquettes

EPA Registration Number



Location of the pesticide application: Briquettes will be deposited directly into the water in the following areas: the ditch along Jackson Valley Road that runs the length of the football field, and the detention basin on the north side of the road



Reason for the pesticide application: control of immature mosquitoes (larvae & pupae)-public health purposes to be applied by the Warren County Mosquito Extermination Commission



If an indoor application, the date and time it is planned:


DATE____________________ TIME__________________________


If an outdoor application, 3 dates must be listed, in chronological order, on which the outdoor application may take place if the preceding date is canceled; and the time the application is scheduled to occur.


DATE    Monday, April 10, 2023__   DATE    Tuesday, April 11, 2023   DATE    Wednesday, April 12, 2023.


Description of the possible adverse effects of the pesticides as per the Material Safety Data Sheets for the pesticides to be used, if available:

No adverse reactions have resulted from normal human exposure during research and testing. Adverse animal reactions to this produce have not been shown.


Pesticide product label instructions and precautions related to Public Safety.

Causes moderate eye irritation. Harmful if absorbed through skin. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.


Note: as required by law, we are advising you of the following statement:

The Office of Pesticide Programs of the United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated:

“Where possible, persons who potentially are sensitive, such as pregnant women, infants, and children, should avoid any unnecessary pesticide exposure.”


REMEMBER: Whenever a non-low impact pesticide is used on school property there is also a Restricted Entry Interval (REI) that begins when the pesticide application ends.  This Restricted Entry Interval last for seven hours unless the product label uses NUMERIC LANGUAGE, e.g., 4hours or 12 hours; directing a longer or shorter period of time.  If the product label does not discuss Restricted Entry the period of time defaults to seven (7) hours.