Attention-Daily Google Meets Code

Dear students and parents,

 Here is our daily google meets code for arts & graphics-msarts&graphics.

****Students will need to sign into google classroom then google meets next type in join a meeting-then type in msarts&graphics to connect with me and our new classmates.

****Daily attendance and participation are required and expected.

****Currently thinking of posting a Google Meet for Monday-Labor Day non-mandatory. If parents and students wish to drop in for a few minutes to introduce themselves and say hello as well as to become familiar with the process.

****I will make a decision on Sunday and send out a parent email as to the times for my 6 classes to connect to this Google Meet.

****I am hoping this will allow new students and parents to connect prior to Tuesday-first day back.

****My office hours for us to connect by email or google zoom will be 7:45-8:45 AM. Everyday including Wednesday.

Mr. Diveny