Monday Labor Day-google meet non-mandatory option

Dear students and parents,

 Tomorrow will be my final day of pre-school year prep so I anticipate being on my laptop for several hours. I plan on hosting a google meet open house-primarliy for incoming 7th grade and new students entering our district. (Google meets code will always be msarts&graphics).

****9-10:30=Blocks A-B-D


This will be non-mandatoty if you wish to say hello. I would prefer to meet at least one of your parents or guardians also.

****The first few days of class will be a challenge so  expect things to be a bit bumpy.

****Four key things for all of us to remember are #1)-don't panic

#2) -Reach out to me with concerns so that I can respond to them and lessen your strees.

#3) -Breath-relax-laugh-seek  for ways to permit yourself to still connect with your inner-self and creativity.

#4) I will hold my office hours as posted and together we will find success and enjoyment.

In closing I wish to express my gratitude  to my amazing students and their awesome talent and expressive ideas, each week when I reviewed their final tasks my spirits were lifted for days.

I had the greatest parents of my entire 34 year career share emails-google meets and phone conversations. These wonderful parents also were so instrumental in their kindness-sense of humor and sharing of many things, It would have been extremely difficult to immagine any success without them. Words can never justify how thankful I am.

Mr. Diveny