WH in the News - FFA Week Fun!

Posted by Christina Page on 3/22/2020

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FFA Week at WH was great success!

On Saturday, February 22nd some of the members went to Tractor Supply and held a bunny demonstration and collection for The Barnyard Sanctuary. The Barnyard Sanctuary's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome farm animals that are displaced, abused, or whose caregivers are experiencing hardships by providing them with a safe, loving, and nurturing home.  We chose this organization because we have been approached by various animal owners recently asking our FFA to help rehome local farm animals.  Our animal room is full, and summer is coming.  We are hoping that The Barnyard Sanctuary can offer assistance.   Below is a list of donations needed.


Monday, February 24th Wycoff’s tree farm came into class and talked about their business.

Tuesday, February 25th Four Sisters Winery came spoke with our classes about their business and success.

Wednesday, February 26th FFA members delivered coffee and cinnamon buns to the HS staff to show them our appreciation.

Thursday, February 27th Donaldson’s farm spoke to classes about what it is like to have a farm that is a family business.  That evening , there was an FFA alumni dinner for former chapter members which included a painting activity in the greenhouse.

Wish List Barnyard Sanctuary