WH in the News - 2020 CS Teaching Award - Daryl Detrick

Posted by Christina Page on 7/16/2020

Congratulations to Daryl Detrick, 2020 CS Teaching Award Winner!  (click link for more information)

"Daryl Detrick has been a teacher at Warren Hills Regional High School in Washington, New Jersey for 25 years, teaching Computer Science for the past 19. Prior to teaching, he was a Project Engineer for Turner Construction Company. Daryl believes that all students should learn computational thinking, not just those interested in pursuing a career in computing. Computer science education can positively change the lives of students, particularly those in low-income situations, by opening doors of opportunity in all fields.  

Daryl has been a leader of the Computer Science Education movement in New Jersey since 2012. He is the past president and a founding member of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) of Central NJ, a former NJ representative to the CSTA Advocacy Leadership Team (CSALT) and a member of NJ Governors Computer Science Advisory Board that developed the NJ State Computer Science Education Action Plan. He received the NCWIT NJ Educator Award, the NJSPN Advocate of the Year, and CSTA National Advocate of Year. Daryl is proud of the Computer Science program that he’s worked so hard to develop. His students use their passion for Computer Science to inspire youth through near-peer mentoring programs such as CodingWithKids, the Digital Lending Library, and GirlsCodingWithGirls, which was recognized by Code.org and CSTA with the 2018 Champions of CS award. Warren Hills Computer Science has strong female participation, with numerous awards through NCWIT and the GirlsGo Cyberstart Competition. 

Daryl is active in community service including Warren County Habitat for Humanity and local trail maintenance. He is the Chess Club advisor and a mentor with the school’s FIRST Robotics Team. Daryl graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering."