WH in the News - SAGA Showcase: A Modern History of LGBTQ+ Figures and their Contributions.

Posted by Christina Page on 6/8/2022

On June 1st, SAGA presented its final Library Showcase for the year:   A Modern History of LGBTQ+ Figures and Their Contributions.  This showcase is also a part of SAGA President, Bailey Asbury's Girl Scout Gold Award.  In Bailey's own words: 
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My Girl Scout Gold Award is built on the foundation that everyone, despite race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, or gender, deserves to not only thrive in their own right, but understand and know the history of their identities and those a part of their communities. SAGA has completed astounding work researching these figures and compiling the biographies of James Baldwin, Howard Ashman, Gladys Bentley, Emily Dickinson, Sally Ride, and Albert D.J. Cashier in an engaging, passionate presentation. Over the coming months, I will work to create a mural focusing on these figures, as well as posters to be sent out to fifty different high schools across the country along with the presentation itself. The mural will be hung in the Warren Hills High School Library and the presentation will be distributed to our US History II teachers with the goal of educating all students on the impact and contributions of LGBTQ+ people. I will forever be in awe of everyone's dedication to this project and my leadership, and I thank all the staff and students who have donated their time and energy to this vision. As Gladys Bentley wisely said, "Some decide to take the reins of their destiny in their own hands," and that's what I've striven to do with the project. -Bailey Asbury