How to navigate our new website

Welcome to our new website!  Please bear with us as we continue make adjustments.  

The valuable information that you are used to accessing on the Warren Hills Regional School District website is still here, but we have made a few small changes on our new website.  

  • District button bar - A button bar now appears on every webpage on our website.  The button bar for the district site differs slightly from the high school and middle school sites.  See the images below for a description of each button.  The button names also appear if you hover over them with your cursor.
    • District button bar 

District Button Bar

    • School button bar 

School button bar

  • Calendar - Upcoming events now appear on the district and school homepages.  The district calendar can also be accessed using the calendar icon in the button bar.


  • Tabbed Apps - On the district and school homepages, we now have a tabbed app section in which different pieces of information can be shown in the same space.  Sending district and HIB information share this space on the district homepage.  Quicklinks and News & Headlines from our old website now share this space on the school homepages.

Tabbed apps

  • Select a School - The pop-up menu to switch between the district and school sites is now found on the right side of each webpage.

Select a School

  • Site Sign-in - The link to sign into a website account is now found at the bottom right of the website.  Site Manager and Edit Account are now found at this location.

Sign in

  • Our School - Main Office, Extracurricular, Student Services, and Library have been consolidated under the Our School section of the high school and middle school sites.

Our school