Wednesday May 8, 2019

Posted by Patrick O'Brien on 5/8/2019

We completed docs C and D from the  Chinese Exclusion Act activity.  (that we began last class)


We viewed Foner Podcast 17_3 for the do now (located on the text website) and then viewed a PPT about Populism.  Today was Part 1.  If you were absent, view the linked HW video quiz in its entirety, and take the quiz.  A GRADE WILL NOT BE ENTERED IF YOU WERE ABSENT AND FAIL TO VIEW THE VIDEO.   If you were in class, simply fast forward to the quiz.  In class, we were able to finish slides 1-16 (i.e. the side with the hot air balloon).  





HW - Populism Video quiz Part 1 -  To access the presentaton in .pdf format click here.


HW - ch 16 outline 5/16